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Sahni is aged 50 and resides at Govindpur village, Rosda Block, district Samastipur. Her husband was a Constable in Bihar Police who died eight years ago.


Sahni doesn’t have any child and she resides alone in her home. There are other relatives living in the same village.


Sahni says, “Being without husband is very painful and it becomes double when there is no child. I have an old hand pump which is bored at a very minimum depth. The water quality is very poor, even the color of the water is somewhat like brownish. So, for drinking I used to purchase water from the supplier. They charge very high cost to deliver the water can at home and were so irregular that I was fed up with their services. It is a very good news for the entire village and especially for me that water treatment plan has been installed in the village and price to so minimum that even a very poor family can access it. The best thing is the super quality of the water. I am very thankful to UK Islamic Mission & BAUSS for their generous support”.


Baby resides at his brother’s home in Govindpur village of Samastipur district. Baby’s husband is construction labor and earns approximately INR 4,000/- per month. He has to remain unemployed during off seasons.


The family has four son and a daughter. They all go to Government school a kilometer away from the village.


The hand pump present at their home is around 70 feet depth. There is a regular complain of high arsenic content. Baby is physically challenged from her leg. She feel gastric problem and body swelling problem while consuming the normal hand pump water. There is a hand pump installed by the local government at a depth of 180 hand pump. It has a better quality of water but huge rush stops Baby to get water from there due to her physical problem


She is extremely happy to receive the gift of safe and reliable water at her village.


Aliya is more than 85 years living in village Basti with his eight grandsons and daughters. She has only one son who lives in Kolkata, West Bengal. He works in a Jute Mill and earn around 7,000 per month. He is staying there since last ten years. He earns less but is known as an honest man.


The family understands the importance of education in this era. All the grand sons and daughters of the old lady Aaliya are studying in government school. One of the grandson use to teach/tuition the primary school children so that to get some earnings and help the family to meet its day to day needs.


Blanket program supported by UK Islamic Mission has greatly benefitted them and now they are able to have good sleep during chilling winter nights. Aunty Aaliya has expressed her hearty gratitude towards the funders and are delighted by the kind support.


Name: AaliyaKhatoon
Husband: Late Mohammad Rafiuddin
Kids: 1 son, 4 grandsons, 4 granddaughters
Village: Basti, block - Chehra Kala, District - Vaishali (Bihar)


MohammadSageer is a daily laborer; He is the only earning hand of his family. He lives in a hut with his wife, 4 children and his Father. He hardly earns bread for his family.


Water is life but there was no source of water in his capacity. The only source of water close to his home is ½ Kilometer. This water source is in a Government Primary School, so in the day time they do not get water from school. The children had to wake up early to fetch water before school time starts. After that they have to wait till the school gets off. Sometimes they had to fetch water in the evening and night time also.


We came to know this when we were busy in survey of hand pump project, we have also seen these children in school busy in fetching water. Though they are enrolled in school but they were forced and focused for water because “Water is life” they learned this lesson with their experiences.


We met Mohd. Sageer and his wife and asked about schooling of the children. They told their children don’t have enough time for schooling; they have to fetch water for our family. We asked him why he doesn’t install hand pump, he expressed that it is out of his capacity. Then we asked would you please help us in setting of hand pump at your doorstep, overwhelmingly he looked at us and we assured him that yes it is going to happen. We told them about Zakat Foundation’s Hand Pump project.


We also conducted awareness drive and ensured that beneficiaries of the project must know about safe drinking water, hand wash and sanitation practices.


Now they have hand pump at their doorstep, children are going school and focusing on it. Mohammad Sageer, his wife and children are very much thankful to Zakat Foundation for this endeavor. His old ages father continues pray for the donors - Zakat Foundation as well as BAUSS team.


Name of Village: Ghosramma
District: Muzaffarpur
State: Bihar