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Objective & Values


  • To develop the leadership skills in youth and to organize the youth training center, meeting and seminar.
  • To develop unity of nation, social harmony, social development, national and moral value in young males and females and to communicate the vital advertisement of national unity, social harmony center/meeting.
  • To create awareness in youth regarding main problems of nation and society, illiteracy, untouchability, castism, intoxication, dowry system, regionalism, regarding the aforesaid problem to organize the education center, training center, meeting and occasionally general meeting will also take place.
  • For national program population control in villages, family planning, family welfare, immunization center, early marriage, danger in early pregnancy, to give the actual knowledge of marriage and maternity to prevent the early marriage aforesaid purpose, seminar, general meeting, female meeting to organize.
  • In benefit of villagers, the organization of “LokSamiti” tailoring, cutting, weaving, making doll, painting, embroidery and to organize vocational activities.
  • To provide hospital facilities, educational facilities, medical and food for poors, Harijans, scheduled castes and tribes, minority, orphan, handicapped, working children and women.
  • To organize the training of short hands handcrafts for male and female.
  • To organize mid-day meal, libraries, music centers, spoken centers, hospital facilities for serious patience in favor of poor persons.
  • To organize tour of geographical, historical and healthy places for children.
  • To organize and to create the opportunity of employment through farming, animal and bird husbandry, fishery, poultry, goatry, related industry and all development works in favor of integral community mainly poor class people.
  • For development of villagers to organize the leprosy treatment camp, establish the Ayurvedic hospital and provide relief during flood, drought, earthquake etc. to organize exhibitions and seminars to achieve the aforesaid objectives.
  • To contribute in the programs run by government for prevention of AIDS and intoxication.
  • To organize programs for clean environment and consumer protection in rural and urban areas.
  • To organize self-employment generating training programs like electrician, computer courses etc. for students.
  • To organize programs on the occasion of anniversary of great people of the country to create general awareness among the public.
  • To support the farming and unorganized labours to upgrade their socio-economic status and come out from their different problems.
  • For the development of the society motivate the farmers to raise the agricultural productivity, to establish agricultural service centers, rural roads, installation of hand pumps, pond, dam and irrigation facilities by the support of governmental and non-governmental departments.
  • To establish and arrange the safe and clean drinking water, toilets, common Dharmashala, community centers, primary health center and sub-centers and low costing houses with the support of government.
  • To arrange and promote very small and small scale industries, dairy farming, bee farming, animal husbandry, poultry etc. in benefit of needy youths to upgrade their economic status.
  • To organize programs and generate employment opportunities for handicapped, orphans, dependent, children of unmarried mothers.
  • To organize various welfare program for child labour, old men and women, widows and helpless females.
  • To contribute in the programs run by government in educational, economical, social and development of the society.
  • Other than the above mentioned objectives, with the acceptance of the organization members, to conduct any such programs that will benefit the society, nation or any part of the weaker section.
  • To contribute in the formation of new panchayati Raj system and make sure the participation of every individual.
  • To organize seminars on safe and healthy environment, promoting tree plantation and motivate the villagers for self-employments.


  • Accountability
  • Participation
  • Justice
  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Service
  • Diversity