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Fighting Disease & Maternity Support


Cardiovascular diseases, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases, diabetes, and other chronic diseases are responsible for most deaths and much of the disease burden in the industrialized world. Due to globalization, urbanization, life style changes, and overall population aging, chronic diseases are also increasing at epidemic rates. In 2005, 60% of the approximate 58 million deaths were from chronic conditions, compared to only 30% due to infectious diseases, even when including HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria. The proportion of deaths from chronic diseases exceeds that of infectious diseases in all regions of the world, except Africa. Life style changes are more threatening “infectious agents” than many bacteria and viruses known to-date. With the aggressive marketing of western fast foods, tobacco, and sedentary life styles, low and middle income populations are at great risk of becoming “infected.” At the same time, they lack the necessary information, tools, and alternatives for the behavior change needed to protect their health and well-being. People regularly die from illnesses like diarrhea and those caused by parasites, over 70% of pregnant women suffer from anaemia, not because treatments don't exist, but because they don't have access to things like clean water, vaccinations, and healthcare clinics. Meanwhile, basic needs often go unmet in areas like reproductive health.


BAUSS is helping to get the medical support for all poor people through campaign and serving as primary advocates for vulnerable and at-risk populations in maternal and child health, women’s health, HIV, and visual and mental impairments in rural areas of BIHAR. 1000 of needy people’s get benefited.